We are proud to announce that Fieldify recieved the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission.

Every year, thousands of organisations in Europe apply to the Horizon 2020 Programme investing precious resources and time. The European Commission runs one of the most complete evaluation systems in the world, using international independent experts. The evaluation screens against three defined criteria (excellence, impact and quality & efficiency of implementation) and identifies those proposals not mature enough to receive funding (below quality threshold) and those that are considered as meriting funding (above threshold). Only some of the above threshold proposals receive funding depending on the available Horizon 2020 budget.

The ‘Seal of Excellence’ certificate is awarded to the applicants of above threshold not funded proposals: a holder of the certificate can then approach alternative funding sources (regional, national, private or public) and present the certificate as a label of a high-quality project proposal. Thanks to the ‘Seal’, high quality proposals from innovative Small and Medium Enterprises will have additional chances to be funded. The precious time and effort SMEs invested in the proposal and idea development will thus not be wasted. The ‘Seal of Excellence’ offers a unique opportunity for regions and Member States (and any other interested actor) to fully exploit the high-quality Horizon 2020 evaluation process: to easily identify and possibly support high-impact proposals coming from promising innovative companies, with an ambition to grow and compete internationally.

We are proud that the European Commission has recognized Fieldify’s full potential. This endorsement has given us great encouragement to remain committed to pursuing excellence in service leadership, partnership and innovation. We will continue to make every effort to further enhance our services.

More information on the Seal of Excellence is available here.


Sanja Centa